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Student’s Personal Details

Step 1: Find out what RPL and CT are about and whether you are eligible or not. Focus during orientation and read up on our RPL/CT process on the website and in the student information brochure.

Step 2: Talk to a trainer about your background, experience and previous qualifications to find out if you are possibly eligible for RPL in one of our courses or Credit Transfer on one of unit of competency.

Step 3: If the answer is a possible yes, then you should complete this application form. It must be completed in full and provide the support document prior the submission.

Step 4: Submit the application for assessment.

Step 5: You may be interviewed by the assessor.

Step 6: You will be given an answer in person and/or in writing.

Step 7: If your application is granted, you will have an alternate course timetable with adjust attendance and fees accordingly.

Notes to assist you to complete this application form

  • If you are applying for direct CREDIT TRANSFER only (for Students who have completed exact competencies in previous learning) please complete this page and Page 2 only and attach copies of qualifications / statements of competencies already achieved.
  • If you are applying for RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING because you feel your previous courses/programs or previous employment, voluntary and life experience is similar to the competencies outlined please complete this page and Page 3 and 4 only.
Direct Credit Transfer Students

For Students who have completed equivalent units and have evidence of Qualification, Statement of Attainment/s and Statement of Results/s.


Details of Previous Study
Credit Transfer Sought from Rockford Subjects
Attachment *
Declaration by Student

I believe that the information I have completed in this application is true and correct.

Recognition of prior learning students


Training courses/programs previously attended which you consider relevant to the program you are now entering.

List units for which you are seeking RPL

Details of previous training programs attended where you believe they relate to the above units.

Related Work and Life Experence

Current or previous work related activities you believe support your application for RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING

Please return this application to your training representative for processing. A desktop assessment of your application and supporting documents will be followed up with you by telephone and a meeting where required. Results will be provided to you in writing.

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