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Refund Request Form
Request Details
Tution Fee OSHC Materials Fee Others(Please Specify)

Intermediary Bank *
(Please refer to your bank for Intermediary Bank for international transaction with Australia)

Reason for Refunds
Medical Letters Others (Please Specify)

I declare that the information provided by me is correct and complete and I am aware that my refund application will be assessed according to the refund policy in the terms and conditions of enrolment. I authorize ROCKFORD COLLEGE to transfer my refund to the account indicated above.

1. For cancellation or withdrawal, a request for course withdrawal, cancellation form must be completed and attached as required.
2. Approved refunds will be paid either by direct deposit or by telegraphic transfer to the nominated account within 14 days of receiving refund application.
3. All refunds incur a $250 administration fee except where it is specifically stated.
4. Bank charges will be deducted from the total refundable amount.

Thank you!

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