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International Students

Fees Payable
Fees are payable by the student within fourteen (14) days of receiving a letter of offer and invoice from the Rockford College. International students are required to pay at least one term fees on successful admission to a course. The balance of fees payable for the course should be paid at least 14 days prior to the commencement of each term unless prior arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing. More details regarding the fees and payment plan are provided in the letter of offer and agreement.

Rockford College may withdraw an offer of enrolment if the fees are not paid in accordance with the agreed fee schedule.

Once the student has completed the enrolment, fees will not be subject to change for the normation duration of the course. However if the course length is extended by the student due to any reasons, additional fees will be required to be paid for the extended component of the course.

Student, who wishes to cancel their enrolment must give notice in writing via email or letter to our admissions team. A Refund Request Form will be provided to all the students seeking a refund and Rockford College admissions staff will ensure that student understands their rights regarding refunding tuition fees. Where refunds are approved, eligible refunds will be made usually within 28 calendar days after receipt of the claim in Australian Dollar ( AUD) via electronic funds transfer in the authorized bank account nominated by the student in the Refund Request Form.

Rockford College will give the student a refund statement that explains how the refund amount has been calculated. Please visit the Refund Policy Section of the International Student Handbook on Refund Calculation.

Students who are unhappy with the Rockford College arrangements for the collection and refunding of tuition fees are entitled to lodge a complaint. This should occur in accordance with Rockford College’s complaints policy and procedure. This refund policy, and the availability of our complaints and appeals processes, does not remove student rights to take further action under the Australian Consumer Protection laws.